Selective Calling (SELCAL) is an ICAO managed communications method

We support the new standard Selcal 32.
 We now support remote control via computer
. New 600 memory locations for pre-programming (IDENT-CODE).
 Easy support by Microsoft Excel 32/64Bit to create the lists.

SELCAL CODER BE 701-255-x 


 Selcal Coder is a selective calling unit for aeronautical telecommunication. It simplifies the build-up of radio contact from ground to air.
The operation is quite easy: Enter the code. Press the button "CALL" to transmit. In the selected airplane the pilot will see a signal lamp and answer. International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) assigns the code.We have been producing these devices for more than 25 years. About 680 units are installed world wide


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